Best Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is a fascinating destination that offers a blend of traditional Arabian hospitality and modern luxury. It is a city that boasts of magnificent architecture, rich culture, world-class attractions, and a plethora of recreational activities. From the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the futuristic Yas Island, Abu Dhabi has something for everyone.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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Address : Yas Island – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +971600511115
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.5 | 43258
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: aakash rai: The construction is amazing! Amazing amount of greenery! Staff at every attraction very helpful and friendly. It was a once-in-a-lifetime memory that I will never forget. The coasters were exciting, notably the Formula Russo, the world’s fastest roller coaster. Except for the Formula Russo, there is no need to acquire a fast pass for the majority of the rides
2: Aisha Alyaarobi: An amazing must try experience, we got the discounted tickets from there, they have different card offers that gives you a good discounted rate. The experience was amazing, the theme park has approx 4 main rollercoasters for adults, and different other options for kids as well and you can play as many times as you want. We had dinner there at one of the restaurant and the food was great and they had so many food options, I’d recommend you go early to enjoy the whole experience because the place closes early even on weekends.
3: Travel Clever (Travel Guide): This is a first giant indoor theme park I Have ever seen. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The rides, food, decor;everything was wonderful. I enjoyed a lot. They have the worlds fastest roller coaster. Also, some of the rides were very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience at this place.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

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Address : Saadiyat – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +971600565566
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.6 | 23023
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: R B: Simply WOW! The architecture and the whole atmosphere are breathtaking and out of this world. The museum itself is organized from the first ages of men until the present which is highly interesting. There’s a lot to learn and all different kind of art available. Tip: Take your headphones! With the Louvre App you have your own portable audio guide and can choose the art pieces that you want some further information on. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes
2: Miroslava Todorova: An amazing structure outside and inside. It was a pleasure walking around. There is a good collection of ancient objects and modern art, telling the history of human culture. There are guided tours options but it is okay to walk by yourself too. They have an app that is quite useful. It is better to book tickets in advance. The gift shop is quite nice too with lots of options for gifts, including for kids. Wheelchair accessible entrances and restrooms. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes
3: Irekca de la Torre: If you only have a day to visit something amazing in Abu Dhabi, add Louvre to your list. You won’t regret it I promise. The architecture is amazing inside and outside. Everything inside is just well-curated. Even if I’m not able to visit the Louvre in Paris, visiting the Louvre in Abu Dhabi is already enough for me. There’s a pretty cafe outside too. I could spend a whole day here and not be mad about it. There’s just so many things to see. If you’re a curious person, this is definitely one for the books. I’ll definitely come back here. 1-2 hours is just not enough. I’ll try the kayak around the museum next time. You should too!

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

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Address : Yas Island – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +971600511115
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.6 | 15627
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: vaibhav kumar gupta: Pros: Exciting place for kids and adults alike. There are many rides for kids of all age groups. Cons: Waiting time for popular rides. Cartoon characters are of 1990s and today’s kids don’t relate to many of these characters. Kids above 4 years can have more fun as they can do some rides independently. Tip: Start clockwise (the opposite of regular path) and you will see lesser waiting times. Do the longer (and more fun) rides multiple times, it’s not worth to waste time on the smaller rides.
2: Roshni Banerjee: If you know the cartoon and comic and superhero characters, it’s a paradise for you and your loved ones. We didn’t realize how six hours just passed by and we were still not feeling like going back.. The merchandise available have good varieties and collections, some of the accessories are very classy as well. Too many restaurants and food joints to choose from. The special effects and simulators are amazing. Gotham city is the best ! We tried all the rides but scarecrow was the scariest with upside down moments.. all the rides are enjoyable !
3: Chris Astley: Really great experience! We have young kids (aged 3 & 6). The 3 year old could go on a decent amount of rides, 6 year old almost all of them. Theming was fantastic and everything was very clean, seemed high quality. The park was also incredibly quiet, probably the quietest I’ve ever been to – we went on the rides we wanted to 4-5 times each. Overall we had a great time, would recommend!

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

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Address : Yas Island – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97124142000
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.5 | 13090
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: S Hunt: What a fab water park… awesome slides and best of all… no queues. Better than the Disney ones we thought, if only because it was so much less stressful and considerably cheaper! Even the food was good and not as pricey as we expected. It said don’t bring in own drinks but we were let in with our water. There are also numerous drinking water fountains around which you can top up with. We stayed until closing. Well worth it.
2: Joseph Katumba: This is a fun place to be with your children. They will definitely have a great time. The pools are always a vibe, the slides are the best in the Middle East, they bring out the adrenaline. I did not check out all the amenities but the ones I went to where on point and I can assure you of a wonderful time at this place. You can be at this place from morning to evening and not get bored. For adults, take a book to read just in case. Kids just need to go, it is a safe area as they have plenty of staff around.
3: Christy Berry: The best water park, with lots of slides and water playgrounds for kids and adults. Most of the slides have a height requrement from 1m 10cm, but small kids can also enjoy the park. There are a few restaurants with pizza and burgers. There are some shows in the evening. The park usually works till 9pm. It is better to come in the morning to avoid standing in the queues. Good experience!

Emirates Park Zoo

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Address : 12th St – Al Bahyah – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97125010000
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.3 | 12216
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Lj Garcia: We went to feed the elephants and see the sea lion but the sea lion show is not available. I enjoyed feeding the elephants though. The best feature of the Zoo is on how they kept the animals’ area clean and well kept. The animals are very neat as well compared to other zoo I went into. You can see the animals closer and really appreciate them better. It has a lot of activities for the kids which can be enjoyed by the “kids at heart” as well
2: Lili Dioso: I did enjoy my visit to Emirates Zoo. The Birds Park and the Birds of Prey are both awesome. Colorful birds are really lovely to look at. Feeding some land animals like the Giraffes, donkeys, camel and horses were real fun. The camels and giraffes are all friendly. Another good thing is the activity for the kids.
3: Ingrid Traoret: It’s always a pleasure to visit the zoo. We were as amazed as if it was the first time. She staff is very welcoming and the shows are good. I was glad to see that they add some of the sdgs goals in their speech. It will for sure help the kids to care more about our planet and the animals. It really worth visiting it. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait

Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village

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Address : Near Marina Mall – Abu Dhabi Theatre Rd, Corniche – Breakwater Rd – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97126814455
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.3 | 8799
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Suvisha suvi: There is no fee at the entrance. You can see a lot of human craft like pottery, metal,weapon, and so many things, mainly it’s a prehistoric artifact. a real camel is there if you want you can take pictures. Amazing view of the Abu Dhabi Corniche as well. Lots of lovely gardens and palm trees to sit under to enjoy the shade. It’s near Marina Mall. It took us a maximum of 1 hr to see and do everything mainly nice to see part of history. Some areas are under construction. The museum will close at 4 pm so if you are planning to visit, keep it in mind. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No
2: Mateo Guzmán: The entrance is free, but be aware they close at 16:00 within the week so plan your visit! Inside is quite beautiful and they show a lot of the old/local culture from Abu Dhabi and the Emirates in general. It is not easily reachable by public transport but I’d recommend going by taxi since it is not very expensive if you are in the Marina Mall or somewhere close-by. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No
3: Björn Roger Felgner: Pretty nice heritage village to get to know the culture of the Emirates a bit better. The village itself was pretty interesting but the museum’s in it we’re just boring. Anyway I would recommend you to go there.

UAE Presidential Palace

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Address : Al Ras Al Akhdar – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +971557434065
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.8 | 6202
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: JurkaDS: This is a phenomenal architecture design. Was built only in couple years, but the work was done is mind blowing, so neat, so expensive. Marble floors, gigant carpets and massive chandeliers. It is hard to get in, because it’s not open for public yet, but when it will be this place must be visited. Also they have a nice museum with gifts to Sheikh from different country leaders.
2: Majed Al Khalaf: Great place to visit. I would recommend to adults most likely. Palace is peace of art, you can spend hours in each location to grasp beauty of details. It’s better to schedule your visit to be there around 7pm for projector show.
3: Diana Phillips: This palace is incredibly beautiful! I love the color combinations inside and all of the stonework is amazing. The exhibits and collections within add to the experience. We felt truly honored to be able to tour such a grand and exceptional space! Absolutely gorgeous!

Umm Al Emarat Park

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Address : 15th Street, Mushrif Area – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97126669559
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.6 | 8992
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Minugu Prakash: Very good place for kids to play. Have wide gardens, many play areas, train ride, face painting and more. It also has farmer’s market where locally grown produce is sold. Quite a few restaurants for dining too. Overall it’s a very well built, quite and calm place to spend your evening especially with kids. The entry fee is 10 aed per person.
2: Leah Liagh: Been here for years and always wanted to visit this place but I never got the chance until I did when my family arrived. I didn’t expect it’s like this. I can say that it exceeded my expectation. It is indeed a perfect park for families, the nature, the leisure activities, the food and all is just amazing. A must place visit especially if you want a quality time with friends, loved ones and/or family. Recommended indeed. There’s an entrance fee of AED 10, by the way.
3: Johan Hauptfleisch: Such a beautiful tranquil park. A great escape from the hustle. Went there with the family and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a small animal feeding area, which the kids really enjoyed. An amphitheatre where they show movies at night. Entrance is a mere AED 10. Great restaurants inside as well.

Qasr AlHosn

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Address : Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St(2nd St) – Al Hisn – W3 – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97126976400
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.5 | 4873
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Silvia Erdélyiová: A nice historic landmark and worth a visit if you have more time in the city. There is not so much to see, around 1 hour might be enough. It was quite empty when we visited, almost no other visitors. There are also some nice cafes and fountains in the area. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No
2: Misha Mittal: It’s a public space with some outdoor food and coffee kiosks. Parking : Basement parking is available. Once you park, you can take the elevator and it takes you to the plaza area right infront of the main building . For those who are attending any special events, it’s best to call them and check for the tickets. Otherwise, one can also always take the ticket on the go for the exhibitions. Behind the main building, there are some coffee shops by the water side. You can experience the downtown while sipping your coffee . Picture one is taken from one of the coffee shops. Dress: It is best to dress modestly as there are many locals visiting this place. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No
3: Keith Lambert: Amazing place and best place to visit for new arrivals. Gives a great sense of respect and understanding of culture and heritage of the UAE. I’ve been twice and will go again. Second time we had a tour which didn’t cost and extra.

Khalifa Park

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Address : Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St – opp. ADIB – Al Muntazah – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97124418174
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.3 | 4079
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Vishnu Kumar Shrestha: Nice place to visit with Family, Friends and couples. When I visited, park were quiet however looks neat & tidy. Just need to pay AED 2 for entrance. We can go there to visit any purposes like, family out, picnics. There are horse riding(even small horse for baby is available), horse cart, parks, gardens, kids playing areas, water taps and many more. Highly recommended this place to visit once. If you are looking for public transportation, No. 26 & 56 routes are reaching this place.
2: M Jasim: Huge and Cool place for family hangout within the AD city. Inexpensive entrance ticket of 2 AED. Nice touch with the mini train ride (payable extract 5 AED) inside the park, could make it better with increased frequency and better route. Has a big masjid, amphitheatre and a Water park inside (closed at the time of my visit). Needs better upkeep. Overall decent place to spend with family.
3: Riivo Roose: Amazing experience. Yes, it’s aging, but shows the humble beginnings of this country. What do you do with your newly found wealth? Build a park with a library in it. The museum unique(thanks to the Rollercoaster inside) was exciting for the kids and the 3aed train ride a true steal. Unfortunately no playgrounds and paid parking but still worth the trip.


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